There’s no point in doing LinkedIn Marketing if you don't have a good foundation to start with: Here’s My checklist:
Written by Natasha Vilaseca on Aug. 9th 2018
Any successful B2B strategy must be geared towards lead generation. It must be clear and defined, with a good filter to get rid of the dead-end leads and find the golden ones! Before you embark on your lead generation journey, there are a few thing to consider checking:

#1 - Have you completely filled out your LinkedIn Profile? All the information should be up to date and should find a balance between “fitting in” and “standing out” against the competition

#2 - Do you accept connection requests from everyone? Are they in your industry? Do you have common connections? I’m not saying you need to do a thorough background check on each connection request you receive, but if they wouldn’t add value to you or if you would feel uncomfortable introducing them to someone in your network, politely decline!

#3 - Are you sending automated template invitation requests? This is OK if you’re adding someone you know very well but if it’s an initial or secondary interaction you need to be more personal! If you haven’t shown an interest in learning a bit about them first, why would they think you genuinely care about building a relationship?

When you get these 3 things in check, you’re on your way to building an interactive network of individuals with whom you can form mutually beneficial relationships. Every social media has a different way of working and learning how LinkedIn can work specifically for your niche will be imperative for you to continue building your business from filtering the best leads through to signing new high-quality clients.

Natasha Vilaseca

Natasha Vilaseca helps people start using LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads to scale their business. She uses easy to understand methods and combines sales coaching alongside LinkedIn advice to further speed the development of her clients. 

If you're interested in starting to develop your methods of lead generation on LinkedIn or implementing sales techniques in order to solidify you sales process then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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