I will tell you the truth about B2B LinkedIn Marketing in the next 60 seconds
Written by Natasha Vilaseca on Aug. 9th 2018
Well, yes and no… a lot of the advice available to B2B agency owners consists of:

- Create A Profile
- Be Active With The Community
- Get Leads

Voila! It must be that easy!! 
But, although the stripped down version may come down to those three things, there are many other actions you should be enforcing in order to achieve the results you desire.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and “hard-selling” each person who engages with you in a conversation is going to be an immediate put-off. In order to convert cold traffic into high-paying clients the lead must be nurtured. Essentially, you need to build a relationship with that prospect, providing them with initial value before you ask for reciprocation. If the thing you care about the most is making more money for yourself, you’re going to get stuck quite early on. 

LinkedIn comes in at number 1 when ranked against other social media platforms on how effective it is for generating B2B leads, which isn’t surprising considering that it makes up more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.

The bottom line is - it’s where most Fortune 500 decision-makers like to spend their daily commutes, actively searching for content which could add value to themselves or their company. If you want to start doing LinkedIn marketing correctly you need to use the following 3 steps as a checklist:

#1. Know Your Niche - Who’s your ideal target buyer persona? 

#2. Deliver the correct message, in the correct way. What’s a pain point your ideal customer has that you are able to solve? Show them the value you can offer and how you would provide a solution, be sure to reflect the message throughout your profile by actively posting relevant content to your market and encouraging engagement

#3. Have a system in place - You want to have a streamlined sales process in place so that when you’re reaching out cold to prospective clients you know how to escalate from a cold lead through to generating that initial meeting! 

If you start with those three things as a foundation, the blocks you start to build afterwards will adapt with the nature of your target market. Using a combination of sales skills, emotional intelligence and a genuine interest in your customer’s best needs you will inevitably start to build more leads and get closer to that dream client!

Natasha Vilaseca

Natasha Vilaseca helps people start using LinkedIn to generate high-quality leads to scale their business. She uses easy to understand methods and combines sales coaching alongside LinkedIn advice to further speed the development of her clients. 

If you're interested in starting to develop your methods of lead generation on LinkedIn or implementing sales techniques in order to solidify you sales process then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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